Episode 12 – Knitting & Relaxation


I am cheekiemunkie on Ravelry

cheekiemunkie1 on Instagram

You can find the podcast on youtube knitting spring


Thank yous,


The Knitting


  • Socks for Me
    • My Standard Vanilla Sock 64 Stiches
    • Yarn: Spartickes Dyes – Will and Grace Sock
    • Colorway: Blue – October Color
    • Needles
      • US 0/2.0mm
  •  Washcloth
    • Pattern: Dishcloth Diva
      • Minimal
    • Yarn: Knit Picks – Dishie or Cotlin
      • Various colors – cotton yarn


  • Ribbe Sweater
    • Project Bag: Mina Makes
    • Pattern: RIBBE by Olga Buraya-Kefelian
    • Yarn: Wolke by Voolenvine Yarns
    • Color: Stellar Banshee
    • Needles
      • US 3/3.25mm
      • US 4/3.5mm


  • Cozy Memory Blanket
    • Project Bag: Awesome Bags by Grannie
    • 32 stitches per side
    • US 4/3.5mm


  • New Scrap Washcloth
    • Project Bag: A Homespun House
    • Pattern: Dishcloth Diva
      • Minimal
    • US 5/3.75mm
    • Various colors – cotton yarn

Stash Enhancements

Swap Package from Robin of the Stitching Between Pages Podcast

Knitty Excursions

  • Maryland Sheep and Wool – May 2016


Indie Along — Voolenvine Along

  • Begin December 1st thru 29 Feb 2016
  • Rules are in the thread on Ravelry
  • Prize: Voolenvine Yarn
    • Wolke
    • Gashlycrumb
  • Next Indie Along — Miss Babs Yarn
    • Begins March 15th thru May 15th



  • Started listening to the Martian by Andy Weir

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