Episode 17: Maryland Sheep and Wool Recap


Show Notes:


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cheekiemunkie1 on Instagram

Tonya on Goodreads

You can find the podcast on youtube –  knitting spring

Thank yous, 

  • To all new and returning viewers –
  • And to all of you who comment and get in touch with me.

The Knitting


  • InStillness Sweater
    • By: Alicia Plummer
    • Yarn: Miss Babs Yowza
    • Color: Obsidian
    • Needles
      • US6/4.0mm
      • US5/3.75mm


  • Beautiful Shawl
    • Pattern – Yowza Weigh It Shawl #4
    • Yarn: Miss Babs – Yowza
    • Color: Beautiful Dreamer
    • Needles: US 8/5.0mm


Indie Along

  • Drew a winner


Stash Enhancements & Knitty Excursions

  • I will be updating this soon…
  • Fibre Space
    • Hazel Knits
      • Base: Divine
      • color way: atmosphere
    • Miss Babs
      • Yummy 3-ply
      • Color way: surprise
    • Woolfolk
      • Base: Tynd
      • Color way: 15


  • Maryland Sheep and Wool Vendors
    • Boho Chic Fibers


  • Knot House
    • Magpie
      • Swish Domestic
      • Tidepool
      • La-Di-Dottie — 200yd skein
      • Posh fingering
      • shocking
      • stainless
    • Western Sky Knits
      • Base: Aspen Silk
      • Color way: Motherlode
      • Base: Magnolia Sock
      • Color way: Patina
    • Spun Right Round
      • Base: SW Sock
      • Color way: Chalkboard






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